A bureau, but for machines

Scalable access to quality data in real time. Train your models on the most valuable information across silos without months of integration, compliance and risk of leaks.

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Use cases

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Data consumers

Access cross-domain, cross-organizational data without engineering roadblocks or privacy concerns. Enable superior models that are more accurate and robust to outliers.

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Data producers

Monetize your data assets without revealing sensitive information. Discover additional revenue streams and market opportunities.

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Zero privacy risk or engineering overhead

Enrich your data without the hassle

Optimal discovery
Information is accumulated into a single model, giving each query unified access to the whole network.
Automated feature mapping
Datasets are combined on a structural level, removing the need for manual feature mapping.
Privacy by design
Enabled by recent advances in privacy-preserving machine learning, all compute is performed in secure latent space.


Are you a data broker?

No. We do not buy or sell any data. The network stores information learned from different datasets in a single global model which can then be queried to access deep structural knowledge for each use case.

What data do you support?

We are focused on datasets that can add relevance to assessing different forms of risk in finance.

How do I know you have data on the entity I need?

No identity information is stored or transacted in any way. Our platform relies on statistical similarity, rather than information abut any specific entity. This allows for inference over situations that have never before been encountered and enables all models in the network to operate in conditions which have never before been possible.

How do you determine the value of data?

The value is determined according to how much it improves the performance of the global model. Our data evaluator suite allows you to test and track this in real time.